Father’s day!

Father’s day is this Sunday …I am so exited and also we[my class] got to make a father’s day thing this week and last week. We started with a cube that we had to make smooth with sandpaper and we got to put gluey water on it next then we used stain and some of our designs worked then we painted our designs then wrapped it up, it was fun!


Sitting and smoking

Today I am going to talk about sitting and smoking…

sitting is like smoking because they both have something in common. Smoking is very  addicting because the people who  smoke never want to stop,and there is a little chance to stop. And sitting is addicting because you don’t want to get up after you sit down.And they both make your future different. 🙂 🙁

What I learned today!

What I learned today was… that fractions are wonderful to use to make things fair just like division. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What I learned on march 21 2014

Hi my name is Erin K . Today I will be talking about science. I learned that your body and mine are very important and there are many things in your body such as your heart your lungs your bones and many many more. The heart  pumps blood and keeps you alive. the feeding tube is beside the breathing tube. The feeding tube is the tube the food goes through the feeding tube,but however when food goes through the breathing tube you will choke because it goes down the wrong tube. And today I also learned that Auggie from the book wonder is not just an ordinary kid he is his self. Just like you and me and everyone is special and unique.